The appeal of powerful automobiles is almost universal, drivers everywhere have all seen impressive muscle cars, hatchbacks, and even supercars on roads. While their style is part of what makes them so appealing, the real draw is the power and performance that they promise. The Ford Mustang is one such vehicle, which has come to dominate the imaginations of drivers everywhere. But Ford won't stop there and has assembled the formidable Ford Performance Lineup, which boasts some of the best vehicles found in any segment of the auto industry.

Vehicles like the rugged F-150 Raptor, dynamic Focus RS, and sporty Fiesta ST are also a part of this lineup, and promise many years of automotive excitement for those who sit behind the wheel. With the support of world famous drivers like Ken Block and Vaughn Gittin Jr, the Ford Performance Lineup promises to be among the most exciting selections of vehicles found anywhere in the world.

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