The Ford Motor Company has pulled off some of the best holiday pranks in recent memory. From the haunted car wash of last October to the Valentine's Day blind dates, Ford has consistently come up with some of the most fun ways to celebrate a holiday. With mother's Day right around the corner, it's only fitting that Ford would also have a prank for this day. And as you'll see in the following video, it does not disappoint.

What could be a bigger surprise than showing up for a driving challenge on a racetrack, only to discover that you'll be caring for children in the car as well?

While many of us may deny any mischievous activity during our youth, the fact of the matter is likely the opposite, as many mothers will attest to. Children in the vehicle can be a distraction, and those distractions can become a very real danger on the road. But with a vehicle like the 2015 Ford Escape, the dangers of the road, and rambunctiousness of the children, can be lessened.

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