Many new Ford models are equipped with Ford EcoBoost engines; these engines were designed to provide optimal fuel economy and low emissions while still providing impressive power and performance. To put this power to the test, Dolph Lundgren attached an EcoBoost engine to a blender to see what kind of blending power it could provide. Find out how it went in the video below.

Clearly this engine was not meant for blenders; it blew that ordinary blender apart. But when it was hooked up to the super blender, the EcoBoost engine provided enough power to blend wood, silverware and more. With this kind of power in your vehicle, you can enjoy a pretty amazing drive.

If you want to find out how powerful an EcoBoost engine is, we don't recommend hooking it up to a blender. We do, however, recommend coming in to McMahon Ford for a test drive in one of our new ford vehicles that is equipped with this awesome engine. Visit our Norwalk, CT dealership and we will help you get behind the wheel so you can put this engine to the test.